5 Natural Strategies for Radiant Skin

I’ve been seeing a ton of skin issues with my patients lately, so I thought it would be helpful to share 5 of my best tips for radiant skin with you today, because who doesn’t want clear, youthful-looking skin every day?! Most skin issues…

Have You Tried CBD Oil Yet?

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By now you’ve probably heard of CBD (short for Cannabidiol) and may have already tried it. It’s exploded onto the US market in recent years, usually in the form of a CBD containing oil, and is being hailed as a safe and non-addictive treatment…

Functional Food Face-Off: Kimchi Vs. Bone Broth

Are you familiar with the term ‘functional foods’? All foods ideally contain some nutritional value, but the ones that are considered ‘functional’ go beyond basic nutrition and can provide specific health benefits, especially if they’re…

Kimchi & Psychobiotics - Fight Anxiety & Depression With Functional Foods

The Gut/Brain Connection Are you familiar with the gut-brain axis? In short, it’s the complex signaling pathway between our brain and our digestive system, and it’s controlled in part by the microbes living in our gut! This means that…

5 Natural Anxiety Soothers

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In my last blog post, I talked about a little known health issue called Pyrrole Disorder which tends to be genetic and often results in severe zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies. Both my son Cody and I tested positive for this disorder, so…

Anxiety and Pyrrole Disorder

I’ve been seeing more and more anxiety cases in my practice lately, so I’m creating a couple of blog posts on the topic to help you better understand anxiety and how to best treat (and prevent) it. In this post we’ll quickly review…

Lyme Disease 101 and Simple Prevention Tips

My family loves to exercise and spend time out in nature! The sun, the plants, the water, the fresh air - it’s all wonderful and necessary for our health and wellbeing. But it’s also super important to take some precautions to avoid tick…
Airplane radiation

Radiation Risks from Flying

Did you know that every time you fly on an airplane, you're being exposed to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from airport security scanners as well as from cosmic ionizing radiation (aka cosmic rays or cosmic radiation) while…
Consumer Health Summit

Uplevel Your Cellular Health For Optimal Performance

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As our lives get busier and busier and more and more stressful, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carry out even just our daily responsibilities, let alone making our hopes and dreams a reality. We just don’t have the ENERGY to get…
I love the Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber - Your All In One Workout Solution

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I enjoy many different types of exercise and being active in nature, but I also really appreciate finding something that is able to make the best possible use of my time and energy, and that’s why I’m so hyped about the Maxi Climber.
Tangerine Peel Tea

Tangerine Peel Tea to Treat Allergies Naturally

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Surely you’re familiar with the tangerine (aka mandarin), with it’s sunny orange hue and juicy, vibrant burst of sweet citrus flavor, but did you know that you can use the peel of the tangerine to make a delicious tea, which can help to soothe what ails you? Read on to learn why this is the perfect time of year to incorporate this elixir into your routine.

5 Health Benefits of White Mulberry Tea

When tea comes to mind, it is a hot and soothing cup of joy that relaxes the body on a cold night or relieves symptoms when feeling sick. Organic white mulberry tea surpasses those perceptions and has incredible health benefits that will help…