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Breast Health and Lymphatic Drainage with Dr. Friedman
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      Breast Health and Lymphatic Drainage

Dr. Loretta Friedman opened her Chiropractic practice in 1994, specializing as a Directional Non-Force Technique® practitioner, clinical nutritionist and as an expert in women’s health.  She is one of two Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractors in all of New York State, and patients come from all over for relief of pain, musculoskeletal swelling, inflammation problems, and disc issues. As a woman’s health expert, Dr. Friedman harnesses proprietary protocols for Anti-Aging, Metabolic Detoxification and Lymph-Biologics™, a unique form of lymphatic drainage.

Previously, she was an operating room nurse, specializing in cardiothoracic, open heart, vascular and kidney transplants at UCSF San Francisco. Additionally, she was formerly a faculty member at NYU School of Dentistry for Oral Facial Pain, TMJD.