Nature's Secrets - Mother's Day Health

Mother's Day Health - Nature's Secrets

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Nature's Secrets with Dr. Susanne Bennett On this Episode: Mother’s Day Health Secrets by Dr. Susanne Moms are so special and they give so much to their family that often they forget to take care of themselves. So for Mother’s Day,…
Dr. Susanne and Robyn Benson

Show and Tell Time!

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"Show and Tell" Time! I am so excited and honored to be an expert speaker today on The Healthy Travel Global Summit hosted by Dr. Robyn Benson! It brings together over 30 highly respected, heart-centered medical experts who share their vast…
Healthy Travels for The Sensitive Voyager

Healthy Travels for the Sensitive Voyager

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You probably don’t know this about me, but I get so excited in the springtime because it’s when I start planning my next big summer vacation! Yippee! I just LOVE to travel to other parts of the world where I can jump into the ocean to…

Natural Sun Protection Remedies

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With spring finally here and days are getting longer, temperatures will continue to rise with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. So, before stepping outside, we want to be mindful about sun protection, and should apply the correct formula…
Skin Protection - Wellness For Life Radio

#54 Achieving Glowing Skin and Your Genetic Destiny

Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D. Change Your Genetic Destiny with The Gene Therapy Plan From Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a renowned oncologist and pioneer in integrative medicine, comes a revolutionary approach to healing at the genetic level: preventing…

Natural Allergy Survival Kit!

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Allergy Season is already here! Sunny skies, drier and warmer temperatures in some areas of the country allow plants and trees to bloom earlier releasing an abundant amount of pollen for the natural process of propagation. Southern California…

Glowing Skin Summit

I’m curious: Do you have any skin issues that you just can’t seem to get rid of? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, 30% of my patients come to my office for skin issues like acne, rosacea, hives and rashes as well as signs of early aging…

The Perfect Couple: Ginger and Cinnamon

Add 1/4 tsp of organic ginger and cinnamon super powder in a cup of hot or cold water (hot water during the colder months and cold water to refresh from the heat!) and mix until dissolve. This Korean drink traditionally includes dried…
Healthy Diet

#51: Healthy Diet for Healthy Living

Tom Malterre, MS, CN Tom Malterre is an advanced Functional Medicine trained nutritionist with over 10 years in clinical practice. He has two nutritional science degrees from Bastyr University and, along with his wife Ali, has authored…
Is a Cleanse Right For You?

Is A Cleanse Right For You?

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I receive a lot of questions from my community about cleanses. Cleanses have been around since ancient times, and were originally a springtime phenomena. As winter ended, people would want to shed the winter layer of fat that they had accumulated…
Vital Signs

#50: The New Vital Signs to Your Vital Health

Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez, M.D., M.M.Sc. Did you know that kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States? In honor of National Kidney Month, the American Kidney Fund (AKF) is raising awareness by educating those…
Better Sleep

#49: Sleep and Meditation

Mel Abraham Mel Abraham is the founder of Business Breakthrough Academy and Thoughtpreneur Academy where he helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build the lifestyle that they want. Mel is one the most sought after…