Consumer Health Summit

As our lives get busier and busier and more and more stressful, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carry out even just our daily responsibilities, let alone making our hopes and dreams a reality. We just don’t have the ENERGY to get it all done.

In our age of high tech, with our widely held belief that ‘busy = successful’, it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind, letting self-care and personal development slip through the cracks or be pushed aside for another day, week or month. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You’ve no doubt heard the buzzword ‘biohacking’ within the last few years. It’s a term used to describe various ways of ‘hacking’ (or tinkering with) our biology (our hormones, genetics, etc.) in order to perform at our very best – mentally and physically. It incorporates specific nutritional supplements, diet, fitness and other lifestyle recommendations which affect various aspects of our cellular health. You can also think of it as personalized or strategic medicine, since the recommendations vary based on a person’s history and what issues they’re looking to overcome or what goals they want to achieve.

In fact, everything that we do affects our biology for better or for worse, from what and how we eat, to how much quality sleep we get, to how we handle the stress in our lives. Even things like the quality of the air that we breathe, the type of water that we drink and the amount of sun that we get all have a major impact on our biology and therefore on our overall health.

But the great news is that we actually have control over a lot of these things!

Thanks to a ton of cutting edge science in this area (which is expanding at an incredible rate each year), we now have the knowledge right at our fingertips (Thank You Internet!) for how to become the very best version of ourselves.

Here are my TOP 5 golden nuggets for taking your cellular health to the next level:

  1. Kimchi: This spicy fermented cabbage is the national dish of Korea. It’s delicious and has incredible health benefits. It boosts immunity, gut & respiratory health, and helps to keeps us slim! Learn more about Kimchi and how you can make it yourself here.
  2. Sun therapy: Ahhh, the sun. What CAN’T it do? From natural vitamin D production, to cholesterol reduction, increased serotonin production, and more a balanced circadian rhythm, the sun is where it’s at. Combined with eating chlorophyll rich foods, the sun actually stimulates our the mitochondria (our cellular power plant) to produce more energy!
  3. MitoQ: Our patented superstar antioxidant which helps maintain CQ10 levels and optimize energy production. Limited time offer until the end of July 2017 – use discount code ‘MITOQ15 ’ at checkout for 15% off.
  4. Laughing: Who doesn’t love a good chuckle? Laughing is actually super good for you in addition to just brightening your day. It increases blood and lymph flow, improves immunity, stimulates bowel function, and decrease stress. Best of all, it’s free and readily available for us to enjoy anytime.
  5. Blue Light Blockers: In the evening after the sun has gone down, we really shouldn’t be exposed to blue light from our phones, TV’s and computer screens as it messes with our natural circadian rhythm. Lucky for us, there are now apps and glasses available which block the blue light spectrum from penetrating our eyes. These are the blue light blocking glasses that I use and recommend and they really make a difference in the quality of my sleep and my energy throughout the day. For my wonderful community, use promo code ‘DRBENNETT’ at checkout for 20% off these babies!

I recently attended the Consumer Health Summit in Arizona and had a chance to hang out with three of my favorite high performance buddies. These guys are really helping to revolutionize optimal performance through upleveling cellular health and metabolism.

Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Ari Whitten

Dave Asprey is the founder of the Bulletproof brand, which encompasses the ultra trendy Bulletproof Coffee, his New York Times bestsellers The Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong, and his #1 health podcast Bulletproof Radio. Dave is a pioneer in the high performance arena and his work is paving the way for many others!

Ben Greenfield is an ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete who now dedicates his time to helping others achieve optimal body and brain performance. His book Beyond Training is a New York Times Bestseller and his articles, videos and podcast receive over a million views per month.

Ari Whitten is also a #1 bestselling author with his book Forever Fat Loss. For the last two decades, Ari has been relentlessly researching cutting edge science in health, fitness and nutrition and he coaches others on how to stop fighting against their biology and start supporting it instead.

Check out Dave, Ben and Ari’s websites and their other resources to learn a TON of effective tips and techniques that can help you to increase your energy, lose and keep off excess weight, ensure optimal nutrition and unleash hidden brain power that you never thought possible!

Ladies – don’t fret! These lifestyle techniques benefit women and men alike. It just happens to be men that have been leading the way in this space so far.

It’s no secret that we feel better and are more successful (whatever success means to you) when we take good care of ourselves on a daily basis, but we may not always prioritize self-care when it’s stacked up against life’s many other demands. I get that, but I’d like to challenge you (Doctor’s orders!) to make a commitment to yourself to focus more on self care and start to incorporate some simple biohacking techniques into your daily routine in order to increase your performance. Then pay attention to your energy levels and ability to think clearly throughout the day and see what changes you notice. I believe that you’ll find you have the power to transform your life just by making some small tweaks in your life and sticking with them!

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to supercharge your performance lately. Share a comment below and let’s build some momentum!