Every organism on the planet needs water to regulate its every function — especially human beings. Keep in mind that every breath, thought, sensation, and muscle twitch relies on millions of tiny processes happening at a microscopic level. Let’s look at the major ways water works within our own bodies. 

Heat Regulation

Critical to every biological process is heat regulation. Energy expenditure puts out heat, and our bodies need a cooling mechanism to keep that heat in check. Because water requires a very particular level of heat to raise its temperature, it’s able to absorb a significant amount of excess heat that would otherwise cause enzymes to burn out and cease to properly function.

Your body cools itself by sweating. So of course the water that leaves your body when you sweat needs to be replaced. Drinking water throughout the day revives the body by allowing it to maintain its natural cooling process and by preventing dehydration — particularly important during the summer time when people are more prone to heat exhaustion and stroke.

Universal Solvent

Water is made out of two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. This chemical bond draws both positive and negative ions, so when water mixes with other substances, positive ions move toward the water’s oxygen atom, while negative ions move toward the hydrogen atoms. This setup allows water to break down a variety of compounds. Within our bodies, water dissolves many of the chemical material we need to survive — like the glucose in the food we eat. That content can then be moved throughout the body via our bloodstream and catalyzes all the crucial reactions our body executes to stay alive.


Take all the chemical reactions that go on inside of an organism — we refer to that summation as metabolism. Water is the chemical that contributes to these reactions and fuels ALL the processes that keep plants and animals alive from moment to moment.

In plants, water facilitates photosynthesis, the process plants use to turn sunlight into food. In animals, water facilitates respiration. Respiration brings oxygen into our cells which is then used to make ATP. ATP gets divided into ADP and phosphoric acid. This division releases the cellular energy that powers every reaction, and removes waste molecules from the body after the respiration cycle has finished.

This metabolic cycle is part of the process that naturally removes the build-up of toxins within our bodies — toxins that typically come in the form of cellular waste.


The pile-up of cellular waste throughout the body de-optimizes the lifecycle of our cells. Cells rely on water to turn over regularly and efficiently, and to provide for the healing, growth, and recovery we need to live our best lives.

We can’t build muscle, lose fat, gain flexibility, or improve our skin if cellular waste weighs down our metabolism and slows the process. This is why many sports physiologists actually suggest drinking plain water rather than sports drinks that tout an abundance of electrolytes. Because electrolytes comprise much of our typical diet anyway, and we ingest these salt ions via vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods, it makes more sense to workout with pure water that can dilute and flush out the cellular waste our bodies need to remove.

The process of anaerobic respiration breaks down sugars and results in waste like:

  • Carbon dioxide 
  • Nitrite
  • Succinate
  • Sulfide
  • Methane
  • Acetate

Water helps to eliminate all of this.

Inner Environment

Through our bloodstream, water also acts as the insulation and conduit that delivers energy to all regions of our body, and keeps every organ system in operation. The unique ecology of our gut bacteria requires a continual supply of adequate water to break down and synthesize the nutrients we consume. And all of it must be sorted and allotted for use in energy, growth, maintenance, and healing.

Picture the complicated job of our digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. These systems are tasked with breaking down every substance that enters our body, using it as energy, delivering it where it’s needed, and then expelling it as waste. How could our bodies achieve this without water as a processing agent? 

Water makes way for every bodily operation by clearing space for new cells and diluting the debris that needs to be flushed out in sweat or urine. Traces of heavy metals, for example, sometimes get stored in fat and must be cleared out to improve our functioning. This process of diluting and flushing works toward the health of every system — including the lymphatic system. Metabolic waste molecules impair our immunity when they build up to clog the lymphatic system and create a honey-like consistency that needs to be more fluid.

Weight Loss 

If you’re attempting to lose a few pounds, water intake is crucial. Water helps you suppress your appetite and metabolizes the fat you want to be breathed out and excreted a little at a time. If your kidneys aren’t operating with the correct amount of water, the liver steps up to do the job of eliminating toxins. The downside of this? If the liver is needed to fulfill the role of the kidneys, it’s not converting your fat into energy. Instead, your fat stays in place and continues to store itself.

Any aerobic or weight training program designed to shed body fat must be accompanied by plentiful water intake to maximize your success. When your system is working harder than its use to, you have to give it every advantage.

Disease Prevention

Because of water’s role in these many crucial processes, every doctor advocates property hydration as a defense against:

  • Chronic joint diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Poor cartilage health
  • The visible signs of aging
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes 
  • Hypoglycemia 
  • Obesity 
  • Arthritis 
  • Kidney stones
  • Dry skin 
  • Wrinkles 
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma

You can see why water is such a critical component of our makeup, as it leads all of the biological interplay that allows us to exist. Just as the earth is an ecosystem reliant on water for its many cycles and dynamics, the human body is also its own complete ecosystem, and the right choices keep it healthy! 

In upcoming blogs, we will discuss the different kinds of drinking water on the market, and which provide the most benefit for our daily functioning and extended longevity. Stay tuned! I’ve got more valuable tips and techniques right around the corner!

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The Deer Lake Lodge is a unique wellness resort which specializes in cleanses and detoxification in a natural, sustainable setting. Their holistic approach addresses your mind, body and spirit. The Deer Lake Lodge is simply amazing in all that they offer their guests in complimentary classes, products, use of their equipment and so much more! Here is only a partial list of the many amenities that you will receive during your stay: daily cleanse program, organic robe and slippers, himalayan rock salt, organic juices, specialty teas for cleanses, supplements, yoga classes, nutrition and raw food classes.

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Looking for a great new workout without the hassle of an expensive gym or confusing exercise videos? Get outside and join the crowd at the stairs in Santa Monica. This great local spot is dripping with workout fanatics who enjoy a good sweat just as much as you.

The stairs are located at 4th street and Adelaide Dr., but I am sure any of the locals could point you in the right direction. The Santa Monica stairs offer you a great workout without any strings attached. They are steep and long and will guarantee you the same workout as one of those fancy machines at the gym. In fact, getting a workout outdoors in the fresh air makes your body work harder, improving your lung strength, and getting you into great shape that lasts.

The stairs in Santa Monica are also a great place to meet new people and get involved in other local fitness hotspots. When you go, I recommend drinking water at least 30 minutes prior to the workout and of course sipping water during your routine as well. I always like bringing a little snack when I’m finished too, like a granola bar or a small bag of trail mix. Whatever you prefer!

So meet up with a friend and test your endurance. It’s free and available when you’re looking for that next challenge, without any strain on your wallet!

Skip that pricey gym membership and drop the heavy equipment. It is time to rev up your fitness routine with a portable and cheap cardio workout that just so happens to be an old childhood favorite: jumping rope.

Jumping rope is not an activity relegated to playgrounds alone. Professional boxers swear by the benefits of jump rope or as they like to call it, “rope-jumping”. Jump rope is more than just your average hop, skip and a jump routine. The benefits range from improving your coordination, agility, cardio vascular system, footwork and endurance.

It is important when first learning how to jump rope to take your time and not to push yourself too hard when you are just starting out. Although it may look deceptively simple, it actually takes a lot of skill and practice. I recommend starting with intervals. Start off by jumping for 20 seconds at a time with a 10 second rest period. Repeat this procedure three times, and you can effectively build up to your goal instead of trying to attack it the first time around.

Also, choose your jumping space wisely. Make sure you have a clear area of about 7-10 feet in each direction, to ensure that you don’t whip anything in the vicinity. Also, do not jump rope indoors unless you have an exercise mat to jump on. Jumping on the carpet causes drag in your rope and you may trip because your shoes won’t grip properly. The best place to jump would be on a track, tennis court or hardwood floor, any place that will absorb the shock of the jump and put less strain on your joints.

In my opinion, the worst places to jump are concrete and grass. The concrete is way too hard on your joints and in grass you will most likely get your rope caught and whip yourself. Also, try not to jump barefoot. Wear shoes that will support and protect your feet. I would recommend a good pair of cross trainers for the job!

I have been training with the jump rope for a while now and I am starting to see great results. Jump rope has not only helped to sculpt my legs and my backside but also my arms and my midsection. It really is one of the most beneficial and cost efficient workouts out there. This routine is perfect for the upcoming season. You can get a great workout indoors and take it with you on vacation without that extra weight in your bag!









Discover a great new way to walk around town or boost your next hike with Nordic walking.  Using these great Nordic walking poles is a great way to increase your heart rate during a low impact workout.  The typical walker will use about 70% of their muscles, while a Nordic walker will use up to 90% of their muscles and burn up to 40% more calories!

What started out as a way for cross country skiers to workout year round, these walking poles have taken on a life of their own.  Discovered and honed by fitness guru Bern Zimmermann, Nordic walking has become a fast favorite all across Europe.  Thanks to its many benefits and easy technique, Zimmermann has even founded the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA) to help people ease back into healthy living.

The poles are uniquely designed to help you increase stride, length, and speed.  Using the poles during your walk helps with posture and to relieve tension from problem areas across the body, like in your shins, hips, knees and back.

Try using the poles the next time you and a few pals get together for a good, long hike. A great way to boost regular fitness workouts, Nordic walking is a relatively simple way to add some fun to the same old trails!









Think yoga was only meant for the floor? Have you found yourself wishing there were other more dynamic ways of practicing yoga? Thanks to people like Christopher Harrison, founder of AntiGravity, Inc., we can now all enjoy yoga while suspended in mid-air.

Harrison’s mission is to create a “lighter existence” and in so doing developed a program dedicated to “suspension training” or aerial yoga. Aerial yoga was designed as a bridge between fitness workouts. You get the core workout and alignment of yoga but also a great low impact cardio workout. Aerial yoga aligns your body and decompresses your joints. It is great for dancers and athletes looking for new strength training exercises or as a way to stretch and heal the body from intense fitness schedules.

The silk hammock, often seen in aerial shows, lets you feel the weight of your body and use it to become fully aware of every muscle working. You gain a better understanding of your body and create a stable, strong system for everyday obstacles. The continuous movement and deep breathing “stimulates the release of neurotransmitters from the brain,” specifically serotonin. The

release of serotonin helps to alleviate pain and create that ‘happy’ feeling while pushing your body to new extremes.

The tranquil feeling that follows works to increase joint mobility and hydrate the vertebral discs in your spine. Not only will aerial yoga help with core strengthening, balance and flexibility but it will also release tension from your body and mind. If you are a yogi, I would definitely suggest trying it—take your regular yoga to new heights!



Beach season is upon us! Have you prepared for it? Let’s face it, working out is hard and getting those perfect summer abs can be kind of intimidating and difficult at times, especially with all of the work and effort that is required. That is why I want to introduce you to a very simple and effective way to strengthen your core without having to do it the old fashioned way.

A great way to tighten those lower abs  is with a simple routine I like to call reverse curls.  The first step to great abs is of course a core workout. For this exercise there is no equipment needed and can be done right in your own home.

  1. Lie on your back with your arms to your side.  A yoga mat is great for cushioning.
  2. Keeping your feet together, bring your knees to your chest. Make sure to not bring up your entire upper half.  Keep your shoulders on the ground and focus on your core.
  3. Make sure that when you are bringing in your knees that your hips are following.  Do not use any momentum to bring your knees up and down.  These repetitions should be completed slowly and will get easier with time.
  4. When lowering and straightening your legs do not drop them and lose that core engagement.   Keep your heels about an inch or two off the ground for a few seconds before you start again.
  5. Repeat 20 times. (Or until you feel the burn.)

Reverse curls are great because they are not done in your standard sit-up or crunch position. They are easier on your neck, and still work out that stubborn mid-section!





Pain relief is something we all want, and most of the time it can only be achieved through over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs. Chronic pain that stems from trauma or from years of poor muscle alignment can get even more complex, as it not only requires pain medications, but weeks or sometimes years of physical therapy to recover from. As of today you are probably not aware that the cure for this type of pain is within reach. First and foremost, it lies within yourself—the body is wonderful at self-healing—but it can also be helped with a little guidance from a method called Egosque.

Since 1978, veteran marine Pete Egoscue has sought pain relief for himself and for probably thousands of others through his unique therapy method. Rather than using conventional methods to determine a symptom of pain, the Egoscue method uses a more “common sense” approach. Instead of treating the symptom itself, Egoscue involves a more overarching assessment of the body, meaning they see the area of pain as an individual’s dysfunction in another part of the body. For instance, poor posture can cause cause a number of physiological problems that appear as pain in different parts of the body. The Egoscue method, in this case, wouldn’t treat those individual pains, but conduct thorough, highly personalized tests based on each individual’s core design, without the use of equipment or “hands-on” therapy, to get at the root of the problem.

Naturally I am a big fan of using non-conventional ways of healing to relieve pain. What I like about this method is that it is highly personalized, and the responsibility of alleviating discomfort falls on the individual. This approach increases confidence and decreases dependency on other people, something that is not always possible, especially when recovering from trauma or surgery. Because over-the-counter medication and other quick fixes for pain have been known to do more harm than good for your body in the long run, the Egoscue Method is one pain reliever I can actually stand behind!