Seasonal allergies are probably the worst of all allergies and affect just about everyone. Whether the symptoms last all season or a few days, many of us get that congested itchy-eye feeling once a year due to the high amounts of pollen in the air ,and weeds sprouting up during the new season. As common as this allergy is, it is still a hassle to live with.

These allergies usually crop up during the spring and fall seasons. Symptoms range from itchy-eyes, runny nose, and congestion. In some cases, people may experience more severe symptoms and should speak with their doctor for ways to remedy them. I would suggest avoiding outdoor activities during the allergy season between the 5am and 10am. Studies have shown that these are the peak hours for high concentrations of pollen in the air. Try taking your daily walks later in the afternoon if you experience a lot of symptoms. Also, try to keep your windows closed at home and in the car to avoid excess pollen from entering your system. I recommend investing in a HEPA air system for your home to clear out any allergens from the air.

The only way to be sure if you have allergies is to check with your doctor. They can run a blood test or a skin test to check for any and all allergens. If you find these symptoms are affecting your everyday life and become a distraction, try taking some over the counter treatments like antihistamine nasal spray. As always, look for natural remedies first but if you need to, look for prescription medication from your doctor. Try not to fear the seasons because of allergies, just equip yourself with the right remedies so you can still enjoy each day!