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#289 How to Step Up Your Mental Game

Click Below to Listen: Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN, is one of Americas most trusted physicians. He is a retired Army Colonel who served our country for over 31 years. He has advised countless professional athletes, top ranking military officials, and senior executives at the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government on […]

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Supplements for CoronaVirus Protection

In the video below, I dive into the exact supplements I take myself and which ones I prescribe to my patients to boost their immune system and protect against the SARS-CoV-2. Did you know one of the fastest ways to boost your immunity is through the gut! Kimchi to the rescue! Kimchi increases immunoglobulin A […]


#285 Coronavirus Facts with Donna Gates

Click Below to Listen: There is a lot of fear surrounding the coronavirus, or COVID-19. What can you do to protect yourself from contracting the virus? Over the past 30 years, Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP, has become one of the most respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition. She illustrates viruses […]


#283 Integrative Cardiology and Heart Health Month with Dr. Howard Elkin

Click Below to Listen: Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in America. Integrative cardiology investigates what influences an individual’s heart disease risk. Diet plays a huge role in heart health. The Mediterranean diet or Paleo diet are great places to start. Eliminating processed foods and reducing sugar support heart health. https://www.heartwise.com/


#279 Biological Effects of Trauma

Click Below to Listen: Trauma varies in degrees of intensity, and anxiety can affect us every day. No matter how you work around that trauma, it will pop up until you’ve healed the psychological and biological damage caused by trauma. The trauma from our childhood can flare up at various points in life. Denying the […]