Many people today are developing allergies far into adulthood. Most people believe you have to be born with allergies, but you can actually develop allergies at any point during your life. It is possible for us to acquire more allergies as we grow with the more we are exposed to. Over exposure of any substance can cause an allergy!

A new finding suggests many people are gaining new allergies due to a lack of sleep. “Researchers claim that sleep shortage can contribute not just to ailments like diabetes or obesity but could also speed the risks of developing allergies and/or infections in the future.” Lack of sleep is caused by a multitude of reasons, stress, anxiety or a busy schedule. But these factors may in fact weaken your immune system, making you more likely to develop an allergy.

It is recommended that you sleep at least 6-8 hours each night. This may seem impossible with a busy schedule, but having enough rest will ensure a healthy body. Sleep contributes to many functions of the body, so not getting enough rest can affect your whole day, disrupting concentration, memory, appetite and of course your immune system. Try creating a good sleep schedule to fit your routine, and be sure to avoid heavy meals a few hours before sleeping , along with caffeinated beverages. We all know how demanding our schedules can often be, but it is important not to let your body suffer because of it!