Think yoga was only meant for the floor? Have you found yourself wishing there were other more dynamic ways of practicing yoga? Thanks to people like Christopher Harrison, founder of AntiGravity, Inc., we can now all enjoy yoga while suspended in mid-air.

Harrison’s mission is to create a “lighter existence” and in so doing developed a program dedicated to “suspension training” or aerial yoga. Aerial yoga was designed as a bridge between fitness workouts. You get the core workout and alignment of yoga but also a great low impact cardio workout. Aerial yoga aligns your body and decompresses your joints. It is great for dancers and athletes looking for new strength training exercises or as a way to stretch and heal the body from intense fitness schedules.

The silk hammock, often seen in aerial shows, lets you feel the weight of your body and use it to become fully aware of every muscle working. You gain a better understanding of your body and create a stable, strong system for everyday obstacles. The continuous movement and deep breathing “stimulates the release of neurotransmitters from the brain,” specifically serotonin. The

release of serotonin helps to alleviate pain and create that ‘happy’ feeling while pushing your body to new extremes.

The tranquil feeling that follows works to increase joint mobility and hydrate the vertebral discs in your spine. Not only will aerial yoga help with core strengthening, balance and flexibility but it will also release tension from your body and mind. If you are a yogi, I would definitely suggest trying it—take your regular yoga to new heights!

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