Looking for a great new workout without the hassle of an expensive gym or confusing exercise videos? Get outside and join the crowd at the stairs in Santa Monica. This great local spot is dripping with workout fanatics who enjoy a good sweat just as much as you.

The stairs are located at 4th street and Adelaide Dr., but I am sure any of the locals could point you in the right direction. The Santa Monica stairs offer you a great workout without any strings attached. They are steep and long and will guarantee you the same workout as one of those fancy machines at the gym. In fact, getting a workout outdoors in the fresh air makes your body work harder, improving your lung strength, and getting you into great shape that lasts.

The stairs in Santa Monica are also a great place to meet new people and get involved in other local fitness hotspots. When you go, I recommend drinking water at least 30 minutes prior to the workout and of course sipping water during your routine as well. I always like bringing a little snack when I’m finished too, like a granola bar or a small bag of trail mix. Whatever you prefer!

So meet up with a friend and test your endurance. It’s free and available when you’re looking for that next challenge, without any strain on your wallet!

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