Cold and Flu season is already here!

There are so many different viruses that can ruin our day, week or even month, such as Rhinovirus, H1N1, H2N2, influenza A/B, Parvovirus, Corona virus, RSV, Russian flu, Hong Kong flu etc.

Here are some supplements that I take myself to prevent and remedy the typical viral symptoms:

  • Probiotics- AM and PM

  • Vitamin C 3x/day

  • Biocidin Throat spray

  • Quercetin for excess mucus/secretions

  • Zinc gluconate lozenges/lollipops

  • Olive Leaf Extract liquid/capsules or Elderberry Extract

  • SilverSol Power liquid, broad spectrum antimicrobial

  • Homeopathic lymphatic drainage cream

  • Eat only cooked foods, no dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol and yeast

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Prevention is my type of best medicine! Have an awesome healthy day!





photo by: renjith krishnan,