I enjoy many different types of exercise and being active in nature, but I also really appreciate finding something that is able to make the best possible use of my time and energy, and that’s why I’m so hyped about the Maxi Climber.

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Surely you’re familiar with the tangerine (aka mandarin), with it’s sunny orange hue and juicy, vibrant burst of sweet citrus flavor, but did you know that you can use the peel of the tangerine to make a delicious tea, which can help to soothe what ails you? Read on to learn why this is the perfect time of year to incorporate this elixir into your routine.

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Cold and Flu season is already here!

There are so many different viruses that can ruin our day, week or even month, such as Rhinovirus, H1N1, H2N2, influenza A/B, Parvovirus, Corona virus, RSV, Russian flu, Hong Kong flu etc.

Here are some supplements that I take myself to prevent and remedy the typical viral symptoms:

  • Probiotics- AM and PM

  • Vitamin C 3x/day

  • Biocidin Throat spray

  • Quercetin for excess mucus/secretions

  • Zinc gluconate lozenges/lollipops

  • Olive Leaf Extract liquid/capsules or Elderberry Extract

  • SilverSol Power liquid, broad spectrum antimicrobial

  • Homeopathic lymphatic drainage cream

  • Eat only cooked foods, no dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol and yeast

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Prevention is my type of best medicine! Have an awesome healthy day!





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The Huffington Post is one of the most widely read news sites on the internet, with over one million comments each month. Launched in May 2005, the Post is a liberal news site that would not be what it is today without Arianna Huffington, former wife of right-wing congressman Michael Huffington. Named in Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in 2006, Huffington has built a name for herself in the political community, and since founding the Post has since become iconic in the world of online media.

Having received her degree in economics from Cambridge University, Huffington tasted success early on when she was made president of Cambridge Union’s debating society, the third woman in the school’s history to ever hold that position. After living in London for awhile, Huffington later moved to Washington D.C. with Michael Huffington where she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. She later wrote a biography of Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso, in addition to articles for National Review, a biweekly magazine based in New York City.

Given Arianna’s background in writing and knowledge of politics, it is no surprise she was able to accomplish such a successful news website. She first started out with a website called, which rallied conservatives for Clinton’s resignation, along with a website called, but only the Huffington Post received such widespread success.

I am a huge fan of the Huffington Post because it is a great commentator site written by hundreds of bloggers and journalists. I always feel like I am getting really useful information when I visit and I have had the honor of one of my own articles posted in the Health section. Please look out for my future articles on health, vitality and wellbeing!



Resveratrol first turned the heads of scientists back in 1992 after learning that the French had a lower risk of heart disease despite their high-fat diets. Because it was discovered that the French drank red wine liberally, they turned to the ingredients in red wine, of which resveratrol was a major part. By and large scientists learned that resveratrol had wonderful anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. It efficiently inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells as well as activated a gene called sirtuin, also known as the “longevity” gene that inhibits many of the degenerative processes involved in aging.

To date many studies have been performed that have yielded knowledge on how resveratrol promotes longevity. For instance, resveratrol has extended the life of yeast, worms, fish, and mice. In addition to these anti-aging properties, resveratrol contains a group of powerful compounds called polyphenols, natural chemicals found in red grapes that have been known to exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols protect the nerves, brain tissue, and act as preventative medicine against viral infections and cancer.

The most important thing to remember about resveratrol though is that it must have the active ingredient trans-resveratrol. Nowadays there are so many resveratrol products out there it is hard to determine which one is right for you. The resveratrol supplement I take is by Designs for Health and contains 200 mg of trans-resveratrol, which is a biologically active form of resveratrol that allows optimal absorption and assimilation into the body. I recommend one capsule per day as a maintenance dose and go up to twice a day with specific inflammatory or chronic conditions. Do not be fooled by cheap knock offs. Ultimately we all want to do the best for our bodies—take the time to find the supplement that’s right for you!


Instead of pumping iron to build strength, it is high time you started pumping rubber. If you haven’t had any luck toning your core lately, a great fitness tool to try would be the Core Transformer, a 3-dimensional fitness strategy that strengthens your body through resistance.

The Core Transformer does exactly what its name suggests—it enhances cardio performance and transforms the core. An eco-friendly product made from sustainable rubber trees, the Core Transformer is a tubing system that is used to crank up Pilates and yoga-inspired moves by way of constant resistance. It is a long rubber band with handles on each end to pull and push in different directions, building your strength and working your core. The band is literally one of the best ways to strengthen your midsection without having to alternate between cardio training and body sculpting each week.

On top of everything, the Core Transformer is a cinch to pack up and take anywhere, be it hotels, parks, or the gym. The training is sport-specific and highly aerobic, so while golfers and baseball players can use it to strengthen their swings, the average person can use it to build muscle and shred fat.  I use my Core Transformer regularly and love the fact that you can make up all types of new exercises with it. My favorite is to mimic different sports moves, such as swimming strokes, karate kicks and tennis serves.

So who is the developer behind this versatile band? Linda Larue, a registered nurse and athletic trainer with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. She is the creator of the “crunchless abs” methodology and has been featured as a Fitness expert in Shape and Fit Pregnancy magazine, and regularly contributes as a freelance writer. Her goal with the Core Transformer is to emphasize easy, fun and effective training that provides optimal health.


Mold is one of those invisible villains that enters our bodies through our senses, particularly our fingertips, mouths, and nose. It is a type of fungi that can grow inside and out on wet or moist surfaces, and is reproduced by way of tiny microscopic spores. Normally, these spores are not much of an issue until they make contact with a wet surface like a bathtub or wall. If the mold spores contact the sensitive mucous membranes of our respiratory system, it can cause or aggravate severe allergies.

If you feel mold may be invading your home, there are several ways of detecting it. Mold is easily recognizable once it is spotted, because its textures range from velvety, to granular, fuzzy, or leathery. It is also found in many colors- red, black, green, blue, red, yellow, orange as well as white. If you do not immediately recognize it or have it in a place you cannot visibly see it, know that it can have a distinct, musty smell. Mold will often crop up in warm or humid areas of your house, like the bathroom, closets, basements, leaky roofs, pipes, or even in a pot of over watered houseplant. Home Depot sells inexpensive mold plates, each to be used to expose in suspected rooms. Send them to a lab to determine the concentration of mold in each room.

You might be surprised to learn how much mold is in the food we eat as well, in common foods like peanuts, cashews, greens and rooted vegetables, and fruit especially berries and grapes. Peanuts and cashews are especially victims of mold because they are legumes which start out moist and go through a drying process, increasing the likelihood of mold development. Fruits like bananas tend to form brown spots (fermentation), best to only eat yellow bananas free of bruises and wash the outer peel first. Berries are notorious for getting moldy quickly, as evidenced by the number of blueberries you can find at the market with mold on the bottom! Once you find one moldy berry, the entire box is contaminated. Better to buy organic frozen berries, they are free of mold! Additionally, when you purchase fruits like grapes from the market, coated with a white filmy substance, that is also a form of mold and can be remedied by placing them in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals or powder, neutralizing and killing the mold. After 15 minutes of the Vitamin C soak give a final rinse under running water and the grapes will look beautifully clean and shiny where as the water will look dirty and murky! By the way, the Vitamin C soak can be used to wash any fruit, vegetable or grain, much better and safer than any veggie wash product available. Also do not forget to throw out or compost vegetables that has been stored in the refrigerator for more than one week and please do not attempt to smell the bag!

When my patients complain of a sore throat, the firstthing I ask is if they have eaten any food that may have been contaminated with mold, “did you by any chance eaten a restaurant salad recently or peanut butter sandwich, drink any wine or beer or munch on some trail mix”? Restaurants are notorious for not washing the greens and vegetables. The same goes for juicing cafes. Better to eat lightly cooked veggies in restaurants rather than a salad. If you are craving raw, then ask for romaine or butter lettuce rather than the field of baby greens- less mold growth.

Some of the more common inhalant symptoms of mold exposure include runny nose, coughing, wheezing, itchy or red eyes, and increased respiratory issues for people with asthma. The best thing to mitigate mold spread is to scrub the point of contact where the mold is growing with an organic vinegar solution (50% organic white vinegar and 50% water). Reduce the level of moisture surrounding the area by ventilating, reduce the number of potted plants in your home, regularly leave closet doors open to air out clothes, and fix any water leaks immediately. Try to keep the humidity level in the house below 40% by opening windows after a shower, wipe down water droplets on shower walls into drain or by turning on a de-humidifier. You can find some really good inexpensive ones at Sears in their online store. I use mine every time I take a shower to prevent mold growth!

If you are experiencing any chronic respiratory or digestive symptoms talk to your healthcare provider to determine if mold may be part of the problem. If you suspect mold to be an issue at home, start your detective work immediately and possibly invest in hiring a mold specialist.