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A conversation with Alan Arkin
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Alan Arkin has starred on Broadway, television, over 60 films, and has won almost every acting award in North America. In this, his 9th published book, with his characteristic wry humor, he digs into his long time search for meaning, past the seductive glamour of show business.

By the time he was in his early 30’s, his career was in full bloom and he had achieved everything he’d ever wanted, only to find that it was not what he had hoped for. Something was missing: himself.

In Out of My Mind, Arkin speaks openly about the existential crisis which brought him from analysis to the serious study of Eastern philosophy and several teachers who helped him revise his views on almost everything.

In this sort of memoir, the 86 year old actor tells of the adventures, which, as a direct result of decades of meditation, shook his conception of reality and brought him to a new, exciting, and expanded view of what is out there, and the endless mind-boggling adventure into what is possible – not just for himself but for all the rest of us.