What if you could build muscle mass, improve your balance, enhance blood circulation, and elevate bone mineral density from working out only ten minutes a day? Working out alone requires a lot of energy and a good amount of time. However, a technique called Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a far more beneficial way to move that requires less time, and actually gives you better results!

WBV is typically done on a whole body vibrational machine. The power of a vibrational platform stimulates muscles by shaking them at a high frequency and low amplitude, forcing them to react and tone muscles more efficiently. Since the vibrations get transferred up through the body and neighboring muscle fibers, they do more than just stimulate them to action. Depending on what position you’re in, vibrational machines affect different body tissues, enhancing blood flow and circulation throughout the body, clearing lymphatic congestion, and aiding in bone mineral density. Additionally, this technique is hugely beneficial for people of all ages, and especially post-menopausal women with low bone density mass (osteoporosis).

While the benefits WBV can be gleaned from any vibrational platform, there are three to choose from: vertical, oscillating, and elliptical. Each platform targets a specific area of the body.

Vertical: The vertical platform is the most popular, which moves up and down in a uniform motion, similar to jumping on a trampoline 20-50 times a second. This method is best for toning muscles and aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Oscillating: Alternatively, the oscillating platform moves in a seesaw motion, back and forth, left to right, strengthening the core and promoting fat loss. A “back and forth” movement is felt in the pelvic and hip region of the body.

Elliptical: Moving in an elliptical motion, this platform is best for balance, stability, and rehabilitation. These units tend to have more horizontal than vertical movement, with most of the vibrations stimulating muscles below the waist.

Stemming from research done over forty years ago during the space race, WBV has been used by astronauts and athletes as a means of increasing muscle flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. WBV also plays a crucial role in regulating circulation in the body, which is important for tissue healing and eliminating the risk of disease. Within the last decade, the WBV technique has been established as a powerful way to enhance overall wellbeing with relatively little physical output.

The PowerVibe machine is one of the most popular if you’re looking to incorporate WBV into your work out regimens. I have the Vertical PowerVibe in our office for our patients and is regularly incorporated into their detoxification programs. Coupled with adequate nutrition, regular cardiovascular exercise and rest, WBV is a great technique to add to your recipe for health and wellness. Got to love those good vibrations!




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