Preventing Childhood Obesity

Melanie ColeMelanie Cole, MS

All About Childhood Obesity: Causes, Demographics, Solutions

      Childhood Obesity: Causes, Demographics, Solutions

      Short and Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

Melanie Cole, MS, has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology and is a Childhood Obesity expert. Melanie is the host of Healthy Children (in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics) and Train Your Body (with the American College of Sports Medicine) on RadioMD. Melanie also conducts seminars and lectures nationwide on nutrition, stress reduction, balance, posture and a wide variety of health related topics. She has been featured in Shape Magazine, Inside Sports, Lerner Newspapers, and many more.

Additionally, Melanie is a practicing exercise physiologist/personal trainer with a client retention rate of 20+ years; nearly unheard of in the world of personal trainers.

Corinn CrossCorinn Cross, MD

Get Moving: Exercise is Key for Preventing Childhood Obesity

      Fit to Play: Exercise is Key for Preventing Childhood Obesity

Dr. Corinn Cross was born and raised in New Jersey. She attended Barnard College where she graduated cum laude and majored in philosophy. She went on to attend the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark, NJ, where she was selected for the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Dr. Cross did her internship and residency in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Cross has continued to work at CHLA as a general pediatrics attending.

Dr. Cross is actively involved in her local AAP, Chapter 2, where she is an obesity champion. She is co-founder of the Fit to Play and Learn Obesity Prevention curriculum. Through a collaboration between AAP Chapter 2 and the L.A. Unified School District this curriculum is being used to educate at-risk students and their parents on the risks of obesity and to help them to lead healthier lives. Dr. Cross is an AAP Spokesperson and speaks to children throughout the L.A. school district about obesity, healthy lifestyles and the benefits of walking to school.

Dr. Cross is a member of the Executive Board for the AAP’s Council on Communications and Media. She is the Editor of the Council on Communications and Media’s blog.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Ashley KoffAshley Koff, RD

Anti-Obesity Movement: Nutrition Tips for Both Parents & Kids

      Anti-Obesity Movement: Nutrition Tips for Both Parents and Kids

Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who believes better nutrition is simple and is on a mission to help anyone achieve their personal health goals by providing simple but highly effective tips and strategies. A self-described “Qualitarian,” Koff emphasizes the value of quality nutritional choices in achieving optimal health and has developed tools such as The AKA Qualitarian Nutrition Plan and The AKA Personal Shopper to help facilitate this.

Koff is widely sought after for her knowledge and ability to translate nutrition science into practical and motivating messages and appears regularly in the National Media, has authored two books and speaks frequently on the topic of better quality choices for better health.

Ashley Koff, RD: Better Nutrition, Simplified

Nature’s Secrets with Dr. Susanne Bennett

Nature's Secrets with Dr. Susanne Bennett

On this Episode: The Keys to Solving Childhood Obesity

      The Keys to Solving Childhood Obesity

Dr. Susanne will discuss the keys to solving childhood obesity.