Keith KantorDr. Keith Kantor

The Relationship Between A Poor Diet and Substance Abuse

      Relationship Between Poor Diet and Substance Abuse - Part 1
      Relationship Between Poor Diet and Substance Abuse - Part 2

In the United States, over 16.6 million Americans reported having a problem with alcohol. Of that number, over 1.3 million sought help for their drinking problems through a recovery program. Another 22.7 million Americans report having a drug addiction. The relapse rate of those suffering from substance abuse is high. Often cited as factors are lifestyle, economic situation, and peer pressure. Yet often overlooked is nutrition. New studies show that a person’s diet can actually be a greater factor in alcohol and drug abuse. Why has this often been overlooked? How is diet and nutrition related to drug abuse and alcoholism?

Able to answer this and more is Dr. Keith Kantor, a leading nutritionist and founder of the NAMED program. Dr. Kantor has established a program that creates healthy menus for those suffering from substance abuse and educates them so they don’t relapse. He can discuss in detail the correlation between a bad diet and substance abuse.

Dr. Kantor has been an advocate of natural food and healthy living for 30 years. In 1994 he was appointed CEO of Service Foods, Inc., the largest all natural food company of its kind in the United States. He is currently the CEO and Founder of the NAMED Program, which frees people from addiction through nutrition.

He has a PhD in Nutritional Science, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and a Doctorate in Business Entrepreneurship. He also holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry.

Dr. Kantor has been married for 39 years to Karen DeFiore Kantor. Karen is a registered nurse and is Director of Nursing for Service Foods, Green Box Foods, Blue Ribbon Foods and Southern Foods At Home. They have two children. Kimberly is the General Manager for Lifetime Fitness at the Dallas area Diamond gym. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. Ryan received his undergraduate degree from Clemson University and his Master degree from the University of Georgia. He is currently employed with Georgia Pacific in Atlanta Georgia as Marketing Research Manager.

Specialties: The premier doctor correlating nutritional food science with preventing and mitigating disease. Chaired the Natural Products Committee requested by Congress on product criteria and label specifications for all natural foods in the United States. Chaired the Blue Ribbon panel requested by Congress on lowering health care costs in the United States. He is on the Board of Directors and Vice President of the All Natural Food Council of North America, a 55 year old 501C3 that helps govern the all natural food industry. He is also on the Communications Committee for the Natural Products Association, a 75 year old 501C3, that is the voice of the natural products industry and works very close with Congress.
Dr. Kantor has been an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps since 1976, and still serves in the reserves.

Amy GreesonAmy Greeson

Superfoods from Ancient Cultures

      From the Amazon to the Andes: Superfoods that Heal
      Healing Seekers: Global Health Initiative

Amy Greeson, Natural Discoveries, Inc. CEO, brings over 23 years of experience as a registered pharmacist who formerly specialized in integrative medicine. Greeson has traveled extensively to study indigenous healing methods and plant based medicine, having led expeditions to the Amazon and Andes, Ecuador, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. Additional travels to regions in Peru, Belize, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico have furthered her study and research with herbal and botanical medicine. In January, she will lead a team into the Republic of the Congo for a 2 month expedition.
A 1990 graduate of UNC- Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy, Amy’s background includes serving as President of the UNC-CH Pharmacy School’s Academy of Students of Pharmacy (the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association); awarded one of the prestigious National Pharmacy Internships in Research and Development at Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceutical Company. An externship with the Public Health Service led to stints in Anchorage, Kotzebue and Bethel, Alaska before eventually returning home to North Carolina to join the family business, an independent pharmacy of 28 years.
In 2006, she founded and presently serves as the Executive Director to Healing Seekers, (, a 501c3 non-profit which creates unique educational materials for school systems and educators. Materials are with one of the largest on-line media venues, with distribution to over 50,000 schools in the US alone.

Amy’s work in remote bio-diverse countries with indigenous people, searching for novel medical treatments, has attracted interviews with NPR on several occasions, Australian Public Radio, and numerous articles and other press including ‘International Policy Digest’ and an article in the NYC publication, ‘Women Around Town’.

Her upcoming book, And the Silent Spoke, will be available early 2016.

You can find out more about Amy and her exploration through her social networks. Connect with Amy Greeson on facebook or exploringwithamy on Instagram.

If you would like to support Amy’s upcoming journey to the Congo please search Congo Expedition for Education at or check out her natural products at

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