Edelweiss is more than just a wonderful song from The Sound of Music–it is a blossoming flower that packs a punch. This flower, found along the ridges of the Himalayan and Alpine mountains, is known to be one of the best kept cosmetics secrets to date.

The active ingredient in edelweiss is leontopodium alpinum. It is produced by the plant as a defense mechanism against its harsh living environment. The stems produce a natural UV ray protection that scientists have been able to collect and produce on a large scale. Endangering the plant life, however, is not a problem. Scientists are able to produce metabolites from its stem cells and can then recreate all of its properties over and over again without endangering the plant’s longevity.

Edelweiss has recently been used in cosmetic stores in makeup and lotions. Its properties naturally protect against the sun’s harmful rays as well as provide the skin with a healthy bounty of antioxidants. Edelweiss can be used as an anti-inflammatory and aid your skin in the endless fight against aging and sagging. It has the restorative ability to build up collagen in the skin and slow down its degradation.

That such wonderful benefits can be extracted from a plant really makes you question the potency of  popular skincare products on the market. Can those multi-syllablic chemical names really be as effective on the skin as the natural extract from a plant? Go with the nature cure!

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