Most of us go through life simply going through the motions–work, home, school, the occasional night out, and over and over again. But sometimes you stumble upon a motivational speaker like Dr. Wayne Dyer, who opens your heart, and helps you discover your true purpose in life. Dr. Dyer believes that the energy of intention you create can very well change your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a lecturer, teacher, and motivational speaker who has published over thirty books in the realm of self-improvement. He earned his PhD in Educational Counseling from Wayne State University, and quickly gained ground as the “Father of Motivation” for his inspirational teachings on destiny and living a life of meaning, all while advocating kindness, support, and spirituality.

I personally recommend Dr. Dyer ‘s book, The Power of Intention to my patients. Dr. Dyer researched “intention” as a force in the Universe that allows the act of creation to take place. He will inspire you to develop your vision and shape a new reality by utilizing your “power of intention”.

For many years, I have listened to his 6 CD audio set called “The Secrets of the Power of Intention”. Each time I listen to him, I learn something new. The CDs are easy to listen to after a stressful day, and can be enjoyed really at any point in your life. If you’re struggling with anxiety, having difficulties in your relationships, feeling pressured at work, or simply grappling with your purpose in life, I highly suggest letting Wayne Dyer point you in the right direction.


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