Shopping for your dog or cat can sometimes be a bit perplexing. Our pets are like our children, we constantly strive to provide them with healthy nutritious meals, but how can we be sure what is good for them? What with all the pet food recalls a couple of years ago, reading labels on pet food is not as easy as it used to be. How do we know the ingredients listed are providing our pets with the proper nutrition? 

The answer to canine and feline nutrition can be found at a wonderful pet store in Santa Monica called Healthy Spot. No longer does shopping for pet food have to be a chore. At Healthy Spot, which first opened in 2008, the employees are of the same breed as those you would find in a high-end jewelry store. They are extremely knowledgeable of each and every one of the products sold in the store, and are exceedingly helpful in finding the best food for your dog or cat. You can also rest assured that most of their pet food is all-natural, organic, or raw to ensure quality nutrition. My shih tzu, Jade’s favorite food is the ZiwiPeak Premium Dog Food from New Zealand and is the equivalent to a true raw diet.

(Miss Jade!)

Not only does Healthy Spot provide the most top notch pet food in town, but they also provide grooming services. They offer spa packages, teeth cleaning, pet massage therapy, obedience courses, doggy daycare, and even portraits! Their core values involve providing high quality and assistance to every pet that trots through their doors, exceptional service, and authentic customer and pet recognition. We put so much effort into optimizing our own physical health why not for our loving pets too?

Healthy Spot

1110 Wilshire Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 458-2004 Tel

(310) 458-2109 Fax


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