It is that wonderful time of year again, when filmmakers and movie stars alike attend one of the biggest cinematic events to hit Park City, Utah—the Sundance Film Festival. Spanning from January 20-30th, the 2011 festival comprises ten straight days of emerging independent films that could potentially see the same success as the Blaire Witch Project or Memento, two movies made famous by the popular festival in the past. The best part about it is the lodging—at Robert Redford’s very own Sundance resort!

Before Redford took ownership of the property in 1969, the resort was called Timphaven. Nestled at the bottom of Mount Timpanogos, Redford envisioned the resort as a place where nature and humanity could co-exist in a balanced, synergistic environment. Despite suggestions from New York investors who urged him to build a lucrative promenade with hotels and condominiums, Redford chose the artistic, environmental route, and to this day the resort remains a hub of natural scenery and creativity.

The entire Sundance resort is eco-friendly, and has had longstanding green policies since its inception. Their cleaning products are non-toxic, the soaps in the rooms are made organically from the resort’s Art Shack, and all glass products are turned into decorative pieces of art. Activities available at Sundance range from guided hiking tours, to spas and winter sports activities like snowboarding and skiing. You can even purchase a season pass on their site to enjoy the festivities all year long. If you are headed to the Sundance Film Festival, this would definitely be the ideal lodging spot—what a wonderful way to start the year!


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