Imagine the best spa you have ever been to. Was it clean and luxurious? Were the products natural and refreshing? If Crystal Spa in Koreatown is not the first place that comes to your mind, you have not visited one of the best in Los Angeles!

Crystal Spa is one of the most amazing Korean spas I’ve ever been to. You can find it at the City Center in Koreatown, and it is open 24 hours a day on the weekends, which is great because you do not have to limit your pampering time. It consists of four main rooms: a salt room, made with all-natural Himalayan mineral ore; a charcoal room which purifies the air with the negative ions released by the charcoal; an ice room to cool down the body after a steamy sauna; and a yellow sand room that contains a Korean mud that rids the body of harmful toxic agents.

The spa is also equipped with a cafe, large screen televisions, and a variety of treatments including acupressure, facials, foot massages, and full body scrubs (my favorite is the Aroma Scrub and Massage!). The best part about the spa? One hundred percent of their products are Aveda; talk about a treat! It is a great place to take a few friends or a mate, as there is a unisex room where everyone sits and sweats together in ridiculous, yet fun baggy shirts and shorts!

I always have a relaxing time when I go because the Crystal Spa is more than just a spa—it is like a relaxing hang out where you can eat Korean food on the floor and unwind. My favorite room is the salt room! After a long week, grabbing a friend and heading to the Crystal Spa would be a great way to kick off the weekend!