If you are looking to get involved locally or on a grand scale with a great non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity is a great one to join!

Habitat for Humanity works to “eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action”. The non-profit was founded in 1976 by a couple named Millard and Linda Fuller who left the big city to start a new life dedicated solely to serving the community by helping those less fortunate.

What started off as a local project has grown into a nationwide organization that has built over 200,000 homes since its inception. Unlike charity work, Habitat for Humanity requires home owners receiving help through the program to participate and contribute to the global call to action. A down payment must be made as well as a mortgage, which is applied to building and renewing future homes.

Habitat for Humanity is a positive cycle for deserving people all across the world, helping families get back on their feet. Not only do they build and refurbish homes but they fight for new housing legislation year round and keep track of the fluctuating housing market.

The program works off of capital and monetary donations. Raising awareness for the organization is another way to get involved, but donating your time and effort is always an honorable way of showing your support. To find out more information on the organization please visit their website at http://www.habitat.org to see what projects you can get involved in around your community.




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