Add 1/4 tsp of organic ginger and cinnamon super powder in a cup of hot or cold water (hot water during the colder months and cold water to refresh from the heat!) and mix until dissolve.

This Korean drink traditionally includes dried persimmon, pine nuts and a ton of sugar in the recipe but I instead I like to add sprigs of mint in the hot drink or slices of organic strawberries to the cold punch, and don’t forget to add a couple of drops of non alcohol stevia liquid for a hint of sweetness!


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  1. Siri Jostad
    Siri Jostad says:

    I LOVED this video and immediately started googling to find the powders. They don't seem readily/easily available. Do you sell them? And if so, what is your price? What a fun and perfectly healthy summer drink on ice. Great blog post…btw….i've never seen cinnamon sticks that big!
    (one tip about cinnamon: if it won't dissolve you can stir it into a big of honey first then put it in warm water, then ice it).

  2. Siri Jostad
    Siri Jostad says:

    what is Soo Jung Gwa? Btw…i just saw your answer to my question here…it didn't notify me so I didn't know you'd replied…i just remembered I was still wondering about buying the ginger etc. thanks. bet you're back from mexico by now 🙂

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