Does your furniture tell a story? Sure there is a story or two  to be told about how we stumbled upon an eclectic piece of furniture, perfectly suited to a specific room, but how many of us can share a story about the artistry behind the furniture, or its origin? 

I am guessing not many of us. Furniture shopping has become somewhat of a pricey, loathsome errand when you are not sure which pieces best fit the décor of your home. For  those of you eco-fans out there however, myself included, there is an entire furniture store dedicated to showcasing pieces made out of sustainably harvested and salvaged wood just waiting for your inspection—Environment Furniture.
With six locations in major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York, Environment Furniture is more of a museum than a store. Much the way our environment represents the conditions of our natural surroundings, Environment Furniture strives to bring that natural, earthy environment to your home.  They offer non-laminated, natural furniture with recycled and re-purposed wood that has a naturally weathered look and feel. The entire store is an extraordinary testament to ancient craftsmanship with beds and tables made out of 100 year old reclaimed wood from Brazil, and couches made out of fabrics used in pup tents that once sheltered soldiers in the Civil War.

Even if you are uncertain about going the more wholesome, “earthy” route with your furniture, it is worth a stop, at least for a quick browse. There are plenty of knowledgeable and friendly proprietors there to give you suggestions and maybe even a quick history lesson or two. It is definitely a furniture-shopping experience like no other–a great place to take your eco interior decorating to the next level!

Environment Furniture

8126 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323-782-0296 (phone)
323-782-0989 (fax)