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Brighten Your Smile: The Liquid Smile Pen

Smiling is the fastest, easiest fix to any bad situation. The very act of upturning your lips can put someone at ease, seal a possible business deal, or get you out of a tight spot. It has been linked to health benefits like endorphin release, stress reduction, and even healthy immune function. For these reasons, […]

Transform Your Core

Instead of pumping iron to build strength, it is high time you started pumping rubber. If you haven’t had any luck toning your core lately, a great fitness tool to try would be the Core Transformer, a 3-dimensional fitness strategy that strengthens your body through resistance. The Core Transformer does exactly what its name suggests—it […]

Whale Watching at Point Dume in the Winter

There are many great beaches to visit along the California coastline from Marina Del Rey to Long Beach, and even more so in Los Angeles, where the sun is almost always shining. Granted that it is nearing winter, however, a beach visit may not be the first outdoor outing on your to-do list. Before you […]

Make Your Own Nut Milk

For those of you living the raw food lifestyle, a great alternative to dairy milk is almond or nut milk. I enjoy almond milk in general simply because of the taste and most importantly, because it is dairy free. I recommend all humans after the age of three years old to refrain from all animal […]

Thankful For All We Have

Today’s post is a little different than usual, simply because it is a special time for a feast! Thanksgiving brings together family, friends, and food in a jaunty, relaxing atmosphere where good times can be had by all. In the spirit of the holiday, I decided to forego our usual post and share a poem […]

Beware of Toxins in Mineral Make-up

Cosmetic mineral powders are labeled as “all natural” for their unique granulated formulations. They provide nice, even coverage, do not absorb into the skin as much, and are labeled as synthetic and irritant-free. While it’s always best to choose the best natural make-up solution for your skin, the make-up industry is not regulated closely by […]


Land Paddling for Upper Body

Imagine a surfboard on wheels. It’s a bit like skateboarding right? Now imagine incorporating the upper body work out from a sport like canoeing, and you’ve got an activity done by people all over Hawaii and even out here in the streets of Los Angeles—land paddling. Land paddling is classified as a “board sport” like […]

Pomegranates: The Healing Superfood

The use of pomegranates dates back to biblical times, when the Babylonians regarded them as mediums for resurrection, and the Persians believed their seeds instilled invincibility on the battlefield. All aspects of the fruit from its fleshy leaves to its thick rind are rife with rich, bioactive compounds that make it highly nutritious. Past clinical […]

Under the Sea at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Your week is over, and now it is time to scoop up the kids and have a little fun. While it is often hard to find venues that are both inexpensive and adventurous, the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is a perfect place to visit, filled with nature and discovery that the whole family […]