Don’t just cover up those smelly odors with air fresheners, get rid of them the right way. Millions of Americans each year rely on air fresheners to add a fresh scent to their homes, but most families are not aware of the incredible health risks involved. Those Spring-scented plug-ins do more than just brighten the smell of your room–they are capable of killing the nerve-endings and even taking away your ability to smell.

Despite the word on the street, air fresheners simply do more harm than good. Instead of cleaning the air in your home, they add harsh chemicals to cover up and dilute the smells in your house, which can coat your nasal passages with an undetectable oily film. There are countless effects on the body caused by the “clean” air fresheners, such as irritated eyes, nose and throat, respiratory problems, lung irritation, fatigue, and nausea. A quick read of the label will tell you just how many toxic chemicals you are letting into your house each day, like benzyl alcohol, camphor and dichlorobenzene.

I strongly urge against the use of air fresheners anywhere in your home or office. A better solution would be to let natural air freshen your home. Try opening more windows and let in that cool summer breeze. There are countless ways to reduce the risk of being harmed by these ‘convenient’, yet dangerous fresheners. The best way to prevent any harm to you or your family is to read up on the household cleaning or air-freshening products used in your home and search for better, natural solutions—why take the risk?