Boost Your Immune System

Dr. David Friedman, DC

Have We All Become Germaphobes?     
drfriedmanDr. David Friedman is a Chiropractic Physician and certified Doctor of Naturopathy. He’s a frequent guest on syndicated radio and television shows and his bestselling CD “America’s Unbalanced Diet” has sold over a million copies and helped raise awareness about the foods people are putting into their bodies. As the Health Expert for Lifetime Television’s syndicated morning show, he has shared his “no holds barred,” cutting edge health segments with millions.

Dr. Friedman is the host of the “To Your Good Health Radio Show” which has changed the face of talk radio by incorporating entertainment, shock value and solutions to everyday health and wellness issues. The show is heard by millions every week on AM/FM and internet radio platforms including: TuneInRadio, SketcherRadio, SlackerRadio, RadioMD, PublicRadioFan and iHeart Radio. Podcasts are also available on iTunes. The show offers a LIVE, no holds barred, cutting edge approach to achieving optimal health. Dr. Friedman interviews world-renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures and New York Times bestselling authors who all share one common goal — being healthy in the sickest developed country in the world… good ole USA. Learn more at

Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP

Listen to Your Cravings: Are They Telling You Something?     
Do You Really Want that Super-Sized?     
alex-jamiesonAlex Jamieson is a best-selling author, functional nutrition coach, detox expert, professionally trained healthy gourmet chef, and “cravings whisperer.” Alex was the co-star and co-creator of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me and the The Great American Detox Diet and offers remarkably sane – and tasty – advice on how to detox, live healthfully and feel fantastic.

Her forthcoming book Women, Food & Desire was just released on January 6th, 2015. Learn more here:



Nature’s Secrets

Natural Ways to Fight Infection     
Each week, Dr. Susanne will be sharing a variety of recipes, herbal remedies, and natural healing methods.

Protecting yourself and your family from getting the cold and flu does not just involve a simple increase in hand washing or adding more layers of clothing before heading out into the elements- it involves protecting and supporting your immune system.

Dr. Susanne Bennett, the host of the Wellness For Life Radio Show, will share 5 great ways to boost your immune system easily, including her 5 must-have remedies in her natural medicine tool kit that really work in fighting infections!