We’ve talked about how water is a part of every biological process, and how the quality of water differs depending on where it comes from and how it’s filtered or purified. Pure glacial melt or mountain spring water taken directly from the source is the best type of water you could drink as long as it’s free of contaminants such as toxic metals and air pollutants.

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One of the unique properties of unadulterated mountain spring water or glacial melt water is that it naturally retains a hexagonal shape of water microclusters — six molecules of H2O bonded into a hexagonal ring structure called “Structured or Hexagonal Water.” It also contains mineral ions which strengthen the hexagonal bond between these water molecules and allows for faster absorption when they come in contact with cellular membranes. Mineral ions support an alkaline environment which optimizes the biology and function of all living things — including cellular hydration and metabolism. More on that in a moment.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to abundant levels of clean glacial water. Instead our potable water comes through municipal city water AKA tap water. Before it ends up in our homes, this water flows from our local body of water into wastewater treatment plants and travels through city filtration systems via long plastic or metal pipes.

Depending on where you live, your tap water can be contaminated with trace levels of environmental pollutants such pesticides and toxic metals, as well as pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting chemicals. It’s also treated with antimicrobial agents such as chlorine or monochloramine — an absolutely necessary step to kill off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites considering that waste water from toilets is retreated and ends up in local waterways where it is repurposed as irrigation and drinking water.

These toxicants accumulate to increase our bodies’ overall toxic load,  burdening and depleting mitochondria that’s essential for energy and cellular function. The end result of mitochondrial toxicity is damage to the gut mucosal barrier, which disrupts our microbiome balance, affects cognitive function, challenges the immune system, reduces cardiovascular and pulmonary function, and blocks our detoxification systems.

Tap water purification to remove all microbes and toxicants is a necessity of modern urban living. I’ve personally used a reverse osmosis purification system for 25 years, and now keep a countertop RO unit in both my home and RV.

But today, I no longer drink RO water. I’ve taken my water optimization one step further to nourish my family and my body with higher quality alkaline water that’s magnetically charged and replete with essential trace minerals, just like what our ancestors consumed.

It’s pure “living” water, or hexagonally structured water. Let me explain.

Ways to Create Structured Water and the Importance of Mineralization

Tiny dissolved minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium increase the alkalinity of water which also aids in a host of physical benefits. As mentioned earlier, mineral ions tighten the bonds between water molecules, and improve the hexagonal shape of water clusters.

Generally speaking— pure water (H2O), the universal solvent has a neutral pH (potential of Hydrogen) of 7. It’s neither acidic nor alkaline. The pH scale ranges from 0 -14, acidity to alkalinity, depending on how many hydrogen ions are available to donate within the substance. The more hydrogen available, the higher the acidity, and the lower the pH number. Mountain spring water is alkaline with a pH above 7, closer to 8 – 9 due to its TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of high mineral content and lower levels of hydrogen ions.

Conversely, distilled or reverse osmosis water, which is stripped of its minerals, has a pH below 7, more like 5.25 to 6.75 due to its higher hydrogen content and lack of minerals. Although RO water is clean purified water free of heavy metals, fluoride, microbes and environmental pollutants, acidity is a byproduct of the purification process and it is considered “unstructured water.”

Therefore, the existence of structure-making minerals is essential to creating hexagonal or structured water. But this is just half of the story. To make optimal levels of structured water for consumption, you need one more component. Let’s dig further.

Another way to improve the production of structured water is by dropping the water temperature to a supercooled state. This form of liquid is much colder than the typical freezing point of water, much lower than 0.0 C, so this is not a consumable option! But one can influence the hexagonal shape of water clusters by incorporating strong energetic fields (magnetically or ionized electrically) as stated by the late award-winning Korean scientist, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon.

In his world renown book, The Water Puzzle And The Hexagonal Key: Scientific Evidence of Hexagonal Water and it’s Positive Influence on Health!, Dr. Jhon revealed that hexagonally structured water produced magnetically is more suitable for human consumption than an ionized or electrolyzed form of structured water. Although one can make structured water through ionization, the stability of the hexagonal water is short-lived, and the water must be consumed in a very short period of time.

Studies also show that magnetically enhanced structured water has increased concentration levels of dissolved oxygen. In summary, to make hexagonally structured water for human consumption, first you need clean, mineralized water, and then you need to find a way to magnetize it!

How Does Structured Hexagonal Water Help the Body?

Beyond the absence of toxins and contaminants, by mineralizing and structuring water, we elevate its health benefits. The health of our body begins with the health of our cells, and a vast number of physical problems begin at the cellular level.

Structured water is shown to hydrate the body with 13 times the efficiency of regular water. It penetrates the cell membrane so quickly, it can immediately get to work assisting with the range of physical processes necessary to continually renew and rejuvenate our health.

Supplying the body with mineralized, structured water can improve:

  • Brain and body energy levels
  • Detoxification and lymphatic drainage
  • Blood circulation and inflammation
  • Cell turnover and tissue repair
  • Skin hydration and youthful appearance
  • Nutrient absorption and premature aging
  • pH balancing and alkalizing
  • Sleep and temperature regulation
  • Digestion and bowel movements
  • Immune System function
  • Weight management
  • Concentration and memory

The body is over 60% water! When you optimize the water, you optimize everything it supports, and you optimize the state of your own life and future.

Creating Structured Water From Your Own Home

So how exactly can we achieve this superior water if we’re not living somewhere that gives us access to pure glacial runoff?

Vitalizer Plus technology has given us the ability to create it right from our kitchen countertop. All you need is clean, purified water — either bottled drinking water, distilled water or RO water (the company emphasizes not using tap or mineral water).

Within minutes you can make structured water in your own home through its patented magnetic action and vortex water spinning system.The Vitalizer Plus REPLACES the beneficial mineral content that’s removed in the water purification process and restructures the molecular architecture of your water. You will create the same intricate hexagonal design found in naturally occurring spring and glacier water and witness the vast benefits of optimizing and accelerating your hydration.

Structured water is the best possible water for drinking, cooking, nutrition and every aspect of your family’s overall wellness. It’s also great for animals and plants! If you’re ready to create the best possible water for your body and lifestyle, take a look at the Vitalizer Plus.

I want everyone to experience the health benefits of pure, alkaline, magnetically energized, hexagonally structured water, so I’ve partnered up with the manufacturer of Vitalizer Plus and is offering this appliance at a significantly reduced rate that’s only available to my private health community.

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