Integrative Cardiology and Heart Health Month with Dr. Elkin
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      Integrative Cardiology and Heart Health Month

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in America. Integrative cardiology investigates what influences an individual’s heart disease risk.

Diet plays a huge role in heart health. The Mediterranean diet or Paleo diet are great places to start. Eliminating processed foods and reducing sugar support heart health.

Achieving Your Goals with Felicia Searcy
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      Achieving Your Goals

We all have dreams but sometimes life gets in the way of reaching them.

Goals have a pretty clear path to achievement. If your goal is to clean the garage, the steps to a clean garage are laid out and fairly easy to follow.

Dreams require imagination and don’t typically have a clear-cut road map. Imagination invites you to become a more magnificent version of yourself.

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Bone Fracture Prevention with Dr. John Neustadt
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      Bone Fracture Prevention

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

Unfortunately, the first sign of the disease in those who aren’t proactive about their bone health is a broken bone — earning it the “silent disease” label. In fact, it’s estimated that 53 million people either already have osteoporosis or are at high risk.

The dangers of the disease are much more dire than simply having to wear a cast. Statistics show that if you have osteoporosis and you break a hip, there’s a 20 percent chance you’ll die within a year.

John Neustadt, ND, joins Dr. Susanne to discuss how osteoporosis is diagnosed, who should be getting tested, risk factors, and how individuals can better take care of their bone health.

The Diabetic Brain with Ralph Sanchez
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      The Diabetic Brain

Researchers are now talking about type 3 diabetes, a chronic condition that affects the brain.

The ApoE4 gene is associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

You can take control of your future brain health by supporting it with the right nutrients now.

Biological Effects of Trauma with Dr Gordon
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      Biological Effects of Trauma

Trauma varies in degrees of intensity, and anxiety can affect us every day.

No matter how you work around that trauma, it will pop up until you’ve healed the psychological and biological damage caused by trauma.

The trauma from our childhood can flare up at various points in life. Denying the pain opens the door for it to hurt you again later.

You can transform your life through understanding the trauma. Rebuild the gut and the brain to relieve the trauma. Get moving to shake loose your trauma.

Gut Bacteria and Estrogen with Dr. Chilkov
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      How Gut Bacteria Changes Your Estrogen Levels

Your gut microbiome may be the most important player in the endocrine system, leading the orchestra of your hormones.

Estrogen is a natural part of your health, but it can contribute to health issues. Your gut can help remove toxic estrogen from your body, such as that contained in foods and products you use.

Cancer and the New Biology of Water with Dr. Cowan
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      Cancer and the New Biology of Water

Sixty percent of the human body weight is water. Water is necessary for proper body function. Water can also work to fight cancer.

Structured water is a gel state. The gel inside cells affects cellular health, which is how tumors can form.

The trick with cancer is that the damage lives in the cytoplasm, not the nucleus with the cells.

Mycobiome, the Forgotten Fungal Community with Dr. Ghannoum
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      Mycobiome, the Forgotten Fungal Community

Small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO) can lead to myriad digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and more. While we need certain bacteria in our bodies for healthy function, harmful bacteria and fungi negatively impact wellness.

The body’s fungal community is known as the mycobiome.

Peptide Therapy with Dr. Holtorf
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      Peptide Therapy: Benefits of BPC 157

Peptides can restore the regulatory and rejuvenation action of the neuroendocrine immune communications and functions. Someone with chronic inflammation, peptide therapy may help.

Body protection compound (BPC) 157 is a peptide found in the gut that protects the stomach from digestive acids. BPC 157 can aid other conditions.