Coronavirus Stress: 10 Ways to Avoid Adrenal Burnout
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      Coronavirus Stress: 10 Ways to Avoid Adrenal Burnout

Dr. Michael S. Evangel, Chiropractic Physician, is the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Ramsey, NJ. For over 30 years, his mission is to provide state of the art, high-quality care to people of all ages.

His practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions, from clinical nutrition to chronic low back and neck pain to rehabilitation following an accident or injury. They also provide information about improving your diet, what supplements to take, avoiding toxins, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health.

Give your immunity a boost with Dr. Raphael Kellman
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      Give Your Immunity a Boost Amid COVID-19

Raphael Kellman, MD, graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, pioneered a groundbreaking new brand of medicine and healing. He seamlessly integrates holistic and functional medicine with his visionary understanding of the world and nature, the root of who we are and its connection to health and healing. Dr. Kellman was the first doctor to recognize the profound importance of the microbiome; he speaks on the topic around the world and literally coined the term “Microbiome Medicine.”

Widely respected as a groundbreaking force in holistic and functional medicine, Dr. Kellman has diagnosed countless thousands of patients around the world suffering from undiagnosed thyroid disease through his innovative testing approach which goes much deeper than conventional testing. Through his deep understanding of the importance of the microbiome, Dr. Kellman treats gastrointestinal issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, cancer, autism spectrum disorders, and unexplained, unresolved health issues.

Informed by his background in the philosophy of science, Dr. Kellman’s treatments are administered with compassion and kindness. He draws on the latest research to address patients’ biochemistry, metabolism, hormones, genetics, environment, emotions, and life circumstances to help them achieve optimal health.

Twitter: @doctorkellman


Dealing with Anxiety During a Pandemic with Dr. Joan Rosenberg
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      Dealing with Anxiety During a Pandemic

Best-selling author, consultant, and master clinician, Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist who is known as an innovative thinker, acclaimed speaker and trainer. As a two-time TEDx speaker and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she has been recognized for her thought leadership and influence in personal development. Dr. Rosenberg has been featured in the documentaries “I Am”, “The Miracle Mindset”, “Pursuing Happiness” and “The Hidden Epidemic”. She’s been seen on CNN’s American Morning, and ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS and OWN networks, as well as appearances and radio interviews in major metropolitan markets. A California-licensed psychologist, Dr. Rosenberg speaks on how to build confidence, emotional strength, and resilience; how to achieve emotional, conversational and relationship mastery; how to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy; and suicide prevention. An Air Force veteran, she is a professor of graduate psychology at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, CA. Her latest book, 90 Seconds to a Life you Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity, was released February 2019.

What are the Implications of Physician Burnout? with Dr. Greg Hammer
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      What are the implications of Physician Burnout?

Greg Hammer, MD is a pediatric intensive care physician, pediatric anesthesiologist, and professor at Stanford University Medical Center. A member of the Stanford WellMD initiative and the Wellness Committee for the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Dr. Hammer is currently the Chair of the Physician Wellness Task Force for the California Society of Anesthesiologists. He has been a visiting professor and lecturer on wellness at institutions worldwide and teaches GAIN to medical students, residents and fellows at Stanford.

Dr. Hammer’s clinical focus is in pediatric cardiac anesthesia and pediatric critical care medicine. His research is in developmental pharmacology and immunology, and he has an active laboratory with multiple ongoing studies in these areas. He has published widely on topics related to pharmacology and perioperative care of children undergoing cardiac and thoracic procedures as well as organ transplantation. Dr. Hammer is a health enthusiast and meditator, utilizing a non-duality and mindfulness-based approach, including the GAIN method.  Dr. Hammer is the author of GAIN without Pain: The Happiness Handbook for Health Care Professionals, which will be released May 15, 2020.

Perimenopausal Depression with Dr. Taylor
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      Perimenopausal Depression: A Unique Form of Depression Calls for an Alternative Approach

Eldred Taylor, MD, is a well-known, dynamic speaker and expert on Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Taylor is the President of the American Functional Medicine Association, a national non-profit organization, which educates healthcare providers and the public on functional (wellness) medicine.

He is the co-author of two must- read books, Are Your Hormone Making You Sick? and The Stress Connection, and also a sought-after radio and television personality who has been featured in local and national publications.

Anti-Aging Medicine with Dr. Ben Weitz
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      Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Ben Weitz has written or contributed to numerous articles for various fitness magazines, including Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness, Ironman Magazine, Maxim, Oxygen, Muscle Mag, and most recently Maxim. He is on the advisory staff for Exercise For Men Only.

I am going to go straight to the point:

We all need to get a rapid screening test for the SARS-CoV-2…one that is quick and easy. In 10 minutes you can get your results, very much like a pregnancy test. It tells you if you’ve been exposed as recently as 3 days ago, or if you have been exposed weeks ago.

This valuable information is essential so that if you test positive, you can follow up with your doctor to get a PCR blood test to confirm whether or not you have the live virus. Or to determine if you are a carrier without any symptoms. It’s also important so you can get the best medical care, to self-isolate, and ultimately help to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Knowledge is GOLD!

I tested myself last Wednesday and within 10 minutes, NEGATIVE! Here is a short video to show you how happy I am! BUT this is not the end of the tunnel, I will be testing myself again in another two weeks, even without any symptoms I can be a carrier and so can you!

Recently on my Wellness For Life Radio show, I interviewed Dr. Jarad Wilson from RayBioTech, one of the few companies in the US that manufactures the rapid antibody test kit for the SARS coronavirus-2.

This is not the PCR blood test that looks for the RNA of the live virus which takes around 24 hours for the results. This interview is specifically on the finger prick antibody test, that looks for both IgM and IgG (immunoglobulins) response that indicates whether you’ve been exposed to the virus recently or in the past. This is a screening tool to manage mass testing with fast results.

All positive tests need to be followed up with a PCR blood, sputum or nasal swab test to confirm whether you have a live viral infection or not.

You can listen to the Wellness for Life show on your favorite podcast platform, or my Dr. Susanne TV channel.

Dr. Wilson answered the following questions in the interview:

  1. Tell us a little about your Rapid Antibody Finger Prick test for the SARS-CoV-2 and how does it work?
  2. How is the test different from other tests currently available?
  3. What is the difference between the IgM and the IgG test?
  4. Why do I need to get tested if I have been self quarantined for 2 weeks and I don’t have any symptoms?
  5. Which test should I choose, IgM or IgG?
  6. How accurate is the rapid finger prick antibody test and is it FDA approved?
  7. How do I get the rapid antibody finger prick test for myself and family that gives results in 10 minutes!?

RayBioTech sells these test kits directly to doctors, clinics, hospitals and research institutions.

BTW, I have no financial interest with RayBiotech, nor do I receive any compensation from them, but I have asked the owner of the company to send a portion of their proceeds to my charity of choice:

Ask your doctor to order directly from RayBioTech today:

For more information on RayBioTech:

This is one of the most important recommendations I’ve ever made in the past 30 years as a doctor…I hope you understand the gravity of this request. Get yourself tested as soon as possible. I wish you and your family the very best of health!

Be strong and be safe!

Rapid Antibody Testing for SARS-CoV2 by RayBiotech with Dr. Wilson
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      Rapid Antibody Testing for SARS-CoV2 by RayBiotech

Dr. Jarad Wilson joined RayBiotech in 2014 after completing his post-doctoral studies.  He is currently in charge of the C & G series product lines, and he also manages business development. Dr. Wilson has a scientific background in Immunology, Virology, and protein detection technologies, graduating from Georgia Tech with his BS and then Emory University with his PhD.  Dr. Wilson’s research focus was on immunological mechanisms of control for persistent viral infections. He has multiple publications in high tier journals, spanning both his doctoral studies and work with RayBiotech.  Currently at RayBiotech, he spends time in roles involving technical consulting as well as sales and marketing, while also helping develop new and novel protein arrays for RayBiotech.

How to Step up your mental game with Dr Lewis
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      How to Step Up Your Mental Game

Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN, is one of Americas most trusted physicians. He is a retired Army Colonel who served our country for over 31 years. He has advised countless professional athletes, top ranking military officials, and senior executives at the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government on brain optimization.

He is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health, particularly the prevention and rehabilitation of brain injury. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Lewis is board-certified and a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and the American College of Nutrition. He completed post-graduate training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

His private practice, Brain CARE, is located in the Washington DC suburb, Potomac, Maryland, where he takes a comprehensive approach to concussion recovery, brain injury, ADHD, sports and cognitive performance, and brain health issues. His pioneering work in the military and since has helped thousands of people around the world and regularly featured in the media, radio, podcasts, webinars, scientific conferences, and television including CNNs Sanjay Gupta MD show. Dr. Lewis is a consultant to the U.S. Army and Navy as well as several organizations and companies around the world, and a founding member of the Pop Warner Youth Football Medical Advisory Board.

In the video below, I dive into the exact supplements I take myself and which ones I prescribe to my patients to boost their immune system and protect against the SARS-CoV-2.

Did you know one of the fastest ways to boost your immunity is through the gut! Kimchi to the rescue!

Kimchi increases immunoglobulin A and G as well as interferons that help fight against coronaviruses including SARS, MERS and the SARS-CoV2.