Charles Phillip Arthur George, also known as the Prince of Wales, has championed eco-living since the early 1980’s. Believe it or not, the Prince has engaged in some fascinating projects to cement his footprint on the eco scene, many of which are unknown to most people.

With a great devotion for architecture and the natural world, one of Prince Charles’s most recent environmental efforts includes transforming 25 acres of land in India into a town of sustainability. Given the weak structuring of houses in neighboring towns, Prince Charles initiated a project that revamped the village of Tolasar in a number of ways, including planting palm trees to collect rainwater for washing that is then recycled for plants, given the absence of sewage facilities.

His environmental efforts over the years have been fairly extensive. He is an advocate of organic farming, which spawned his organic brand Duchy Originals in 1990. As co-author of a book detailing his passion for organic farming called Highgrove: An Experiment in Organic Gardening and Farming, the Prince also has a keen interest in sustainable farming, regularly discussing the trade with organic farmers. Recently he publicly intervened on the issue of experimenting with genetically modified food, which he believes will “cause the biggest disaster environmentally of all time”.

As a proponent of non-genetically modified food, the Prince of Wales definitely has my vote!