There are few men on television more recognized than the one and only Ted Danson, otherwise known for his famous role in cheers as “Sam Malone”. With a host of Emmy’s and Golden Globes attached to his name, Danson has also made a name for himself in the environmental realm, donating thousands to great causes and even publishing his own book on how to save our oceans entitled Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do To Save Them.

A great advocate of the environment since he was a boy, Danson’s environmental career began with an interest in the staggering pollution and toxic waste contaminating the world’s oceans. He is co-founder of an organization called Oceana, which used to be called American Oceans Campaigns in the 1980’s. The organization’s goal is to make the world aware of the toxic waste and oil spills polluting our oceans, which Danson has felt the need to defend since he was young.

To cement his own carbon footprint into the minds of his doting audience, he penned a non-fiction novel, Oceana, which is a fine mingling of how his endearment for the ocean came about, along with research done by a host of scientists elucidating the destruction of our oceans through pollution and how we can make it better. The book was co-written with Mike D’Orso, a journalist, and was described as “a celebratory and cautionary look at the world’s oceans” by Rodale publishing house.

If there was ever a time to cheer on the old, acclaimed Red Sox pitcher “Sam Malone”, his real life persona deserves it now! Cheers!