We all know what eating healthy looks like. Get enough fruits and vegetables, eat lean proteins, stay away from trans fats, and keep the sugary foods to a minimum. For organic, private chef Thea Dixon however, eating healthy should be a multi-sensory experience that nourishes not only the body, but the mind and spirit, so that when you are finished with your meal you feel energized, satisfied, and rejuvenated.

Thea’s experience in the culinary arts is both tenured and multi-cultural. Having cooked with her grandmother and mother at the age of 6, she developed an appreciation for food early on. By the age of 15, her relationship with food matured and she began traveling, absorbing the cooking methods of different cultures, from Greece to Italy. Her fascination with biology, nutrition, and the synergistic relationship between food and the body provoked her to train as a pediatric nurse as well as travel to Sri Lanka to study Ayurvedic Principles for cooking nourishing, balanced meals.

To have traveled so many places, schooled in cooking methods both creative, unconventional and healthy, Thea brings a lot to the table. She can provide a quality 5-course meal that caters to anyone’s diet from vegan to gluten-free, and is highly focused on Wellness Cuisine. The best part about her talent? She shares it with the world by providing cooking classes at dinner parties. This August 27th I am hosting a cooking class at my house where we’ll all be able to learn a thing or two about preparing delicious, healthy meals quickly. I have never been more inspired by a chef and her passion for cooking—what a treat!

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