As a huge fan of locally-grown organic ingredients, I am so thrilled to tell you about my favorite goods from Newman’s Own Organics. Paul Newman, known to most as an actor, started his own company back in 1982 making lemonade, salsa, pasta, and steak sauce. In 1993 however, Newman’s Own branched off into Newman’s Own Organics, a division created by his philanthropic and eco-friendly daughter Nell.

Newman’s Own Organics uses only certified organic ingredients to sell scrumptious treats like organic popcorn, pretzels, and dried fruit, among other things. Heading up the business with her father, Nell has made a concerted effort to incorporate organic eating into new snacks and meals that she and her father used to enjoy when she was a kid. In fact, Nell convinced Paul to start Newman’s Own Organics after cooking him a delicious Thanksgiving dinner completely organically. Needless to say, he was convinced.

Personally, I am a big fan of Newman’s Own Organic balsamic vinegar and olive oil and Tuscan Italian Organic Salad Dressing.  In addition, what I really enjoy about Newman’s products is that they have expanded their consumer base to animals—they make healthy, organic food for your pets too! Each package of Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food comes with whole grains, vitamins, and minerals that far exceed the nutrition in regular pet food. Now the whole family can be healthy, human or not!