This fall bring something new to your diet and to your doorstep—enjoy a wonderful Kobacha squash, also known as the Japanese pumpkin. You have likely seen Kobacha very year at the pumpkin patch, sitting in the corner, being passed off as a side decoration, but this green pumpkin packs a lot of punch for your dinner table as well.

The thick green outside of Kobacha is nothing like the soft orange texture on the inside. This pumpkin has been likened to the consistency of the wonderful sweet potato. The outside of the pumpkin is not as “sweet” though, as you may think. It is very thick and tough, too difficult to carve and turn into your favorite spooky Halloween decoration but perfect enough for your dinner table.

Kobacha is rich in betacarotene, and is perfect for any fall meal. In fact the late weeks of summer and early fall are peak Kobacha serving time. The two most common ways this squash is prepared are as a squash tempura or cream soup. Even though you may have to buy this pumpkin in late September or early October, unlike the typical orange pumpkin, Kobacha can last about a month when uncut and stored at room temperature. Once the squash has been cut, it must be refrigerated for best use.

In addition to a  healthy dose of betacarotene, this pumpkin is full of vitamins A,C, iron and potassium. Who would have thought a simple decoration could be turned into a highly nutritious meal?