What They Are Saying

Dr. Bennett helped my 7-year old child’s eczema that was covering her neck, inside of her elbows and back of her knees. Her Pediatrician gave us a powerful cortisone cream and said that she maybe lactose intolerant. When we limited her milk and cheese intake, the change was minimal and Samantha kept on scratching her skin. Dr. Bennett told us that her eczema was caused by dairy but there was much more deeper issues that needed to be addressed. She said it was Samantha’s digestive system that needed to heal before healing her skin. Her gentle allergy elimination therapy, change in diet and a special amino acid formula she recommended completely restored my daughter’s skin and stomach. We are so grateful!

Mailibu, CA

My teenager daughter would always complain of sneezing and having a runny nose whenever we would drive in our car. Dr. Bennett is such a Detective! With her amazing muscle testing and insight, she discovered that it was from the car exhaust we were all inhaling inside the car from the morning traffic on the way to her school. She told us not to let fresh air in, especially while sitting at a stoplight. She even showed us how to keep the outside air from coming into the car by simply pushing a button that prevents the outside air in. I thought fresh air was best, but not in LA traffic!

Brentwood, CA

I am 65 years old, and I have always had frequent bowel movements, at least 5-6X daily, as long as I can remember. My doctors all said that it was normal, as long as there was not any blood or mucus. I went to see Dr. Bennett for my fatigue, but when she questioned about my bowel regularity, she definitely did not agree with my other doctors. She asked me a lot of funny stool questions- about the color, consistency, size, shape, smell, etc. From her detailed evaluation, she found out that my intestines were sensitive to dairy products and fruits. I have been eating cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast my whole life! I sometimes had it as an afternoon snack. As soon as I stopped eating dairy and fruit, my bowel movements became normal in frequency 1-3x/day and my stool became shaped like logs instead of loose. She also treated me for fruits so that I can eat 1-2 pieces per day. I also feel so much more energy and I am able to sleep right through the night. Dr. Bennett has been a big help to me.

Brentwood, CA

I have suffered from severe congestion and postnasal drip, for the last 5 years after moving to LA from the east coast for a new job. I have always gone to medical doctors to find relief, and they always prescribe the usual- nose sprays, decongestants, and allergy medications. The congestion would get so bad that my Allergist would give me a cortisone shot into my sinuses, (which was ridiculously painful!) but gave me the most relief, but only to return a couple of weeks later. My girlfriend recommended Dr. Bennett, and although I was skeptical, I was willing to try anything at this point. She used her muscle testing to find that my congestion was due to food allergies such as dairy, wheat, sugar and alcohol. Once I followed her diet and I got some of her allergy treatments, within 2 weeks, I started to experience relief and after 6 weeks, all my symptoms were gone! No more drugs and shots!

Hollywood Hills, CA

My 4 year old son suffered from chronic ear infections since he was a year old. After countless use of antibiotics and eardrops, our pediatrician recommended to give Dr. Bennett a try before surgically implanting ear tubes to drain out the infection and fluid behind his eardrums. After a month of her allergy elimination treatments and on her specific dietary recommendations, my son’s ears are totally clear and free of fluid! Thank you Dr. Bennett for everything, our whole family is on your special allergy free diet, and I think we are all much healthier!

Beverly Hills, CA