Coconut water has a good reputation for its high mineral and potassium content, but coconuts have a lot more than just water to offer. The milk squeezed from the flesh of this tropical fruit can provide a great deal of relief for both internal and external ailments. Particularly, coconut milk does a great deal of good for the gut, as it can help kill the bugs or “bad bacteria” and diminish the overgrowth of microbes in the body.

The biggest way that coconut milk contributes to the body is through lauric acid. There is more lauric acid in coconut oil, but there is about three and a half grams per two ounces in good coconut milk, according to Lauric acid is a fatty acid that when converted into monolaurin in the body, acts as an antiviral, antimicrobial agent. It disrupts the formation of fungus and bacteria in infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, candida albicans and other parasites that live in our bodies. Additionally, it keeps the skin looking healthy, bones strong, blood sugar levels stable, and aids the immune system in warding off illness because it is rich in vitamin C. Generally, it is the best non-toxic solution to ward off viruses and fungal infections.

You can pick up coconut milk at your local health food store or Whole Foods, and feel confident that you are actively decreasing your chances of heart disease, premature aging, tooth decay, and thyroid issues among many others. Also, it is 100% dairy-free, which means it is a good substitute for those that suffer from lactose intolerance. While the calorie count is not very impressive, you are much better off choosing coconut milk as your beverage of choice over a sugary soda or tea!




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  1. siri
    siri says:

    dr bennett, can you differentiate for us coconut butter and cocount oil? They look the same in the jar. do they have different properties etc?

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