Healthy foods deserve healthy toppings. Butter is regarded as one of those unhealthy toppings you add to a lot of meals to boost flavor, but is not really good for you because of its high saturated fat content. Some people use organic butter as a healthy alternative, but I suggest a dairy-free type of butter called clarified butter, also known as ghee.

Although I am a strong promoter of dairy free products, clarified butter is my only choice of dairy food because it contains no milk sugar or milk solids (proteins such as casein and whey). Clarified butter is produced when unsalted butter gets melted down and separated from the liquid (whey) and white solids (lactose sugar, cholesterol, protein) so all that remains is pure golden butterfat.

Clarified butter is a healthier fat that aids in digestion, it stimulates the liver and is also good for the gut because it supplies a short chain fatty acid called butyrate, which provides energy to colon epithelial cells and has been shown to lower the risk of colitis and colorectal cancer.

You can use clarified butter on anything you would normally put butter on, like a delicious plate of veggies. The flavor is so rich and tasty; it is not even necessary to use much. Clarified butter does not burn so it is perfect to add to sautéing veggies or frying eggs. It allows you to still capture that smooth flavor without having potentially damaging oxidizing effects on your blood cholesterol. It also stays fresh longer in the fridge than regular butter, so you can enjoy it for much longer! Do look for an organic brand like Purity Farms Organic Ghee; it is available in the refrigerated butter section at most health food stores!