If you have ever wondered how your mental thoughts could control your physiology, you may be very interested in Bruce Lipton’s life long studies. Declaring an astonishing link between science and spirit, Lipton is an influential speaker in the field of an emerging science called epigenetics, he is interested in the manipulation of the environment of our cells and genes through the power of our mind.

One of the most powerful voices in the integration of spirit and science, Lipton has spent over twenty years researching the way quantum physics influences the outer layers of cells, what he calls the “brain” of the cell. His research in quantum physics revealed that our environment is what really controls the behavior of a cell, rather than our genes. From this emerged the idea that certain molecular pathways in the brain have the potential to bridge the gap between cellular biology and spirit, heightening the way in which the mind can control the function of our bodies.

Lipton’s cellular discovery, in my opinion, is phenomenal. Hard science often unfairly discredits holistic ways of healing, and Bruce Lipton successfully bridges the chasm that divides the two branches of knowledge. Patients who have experienced my energetic techniques for allergy elimination, nutrient assimilation, detoxification and optimal organ function-all know the power of quantum physics and “intention” and that your cells can “hear” you. Your brain is amazingly powerful and every thought can affect our behavior and physiological outcome. I am a big believer in using positive energy to influence our body and environment- by visualizing and “thinking from the end” you can manifest the outcome you desire. Be the best you can be from this moment on and you will be delightfully surprised that all that you have desired in this lifetime is within you!



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