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Revitalize Your Meals With Vital-Choice

If there was a way to get the freshest seafood in the world delivered right to your door over a block of dry ice, do you think I’d keep it from you? While fish is reputed to have necessary nutrients like omega-3s and vitamin D, not all of it is served free of hazardous contaminants […]


Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirit

If you have ever wondered how your mental thoughts could control your physiology, you may be very interested in Bruce Lipton’s life long studies. Declaring an astonishing link between science and spirit, Lipton is an influential speaker in the field of an emerging science called epigenetics, he is interested in the manipulation of the environment […]


The largest organ in the human body is the skin and it protects our major internal organs from external pollutants, chemicals and more importantly from pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bacteriologist Theodor Rosebury estimates that 50 million individual bacteria live on the average square centimeter (5×107/cm2) of human skin, and if the skin […]

Boogie With Booiaka

How do you stay in shape? Do you go for long walks with ankle weights? Sprint three miles in record time? Unfold on a floor mat with some light Pilates? Whatever your preferred workout may be, let’s be honest—we get tired of the same old routine, and our bodies do too.  Using the same work […]

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

While November brings holiday preparations, turning of leaves, and colder weather, it also has a penchant for bringing the period of time season America dreads the most—flu season. Every year from the end of November to late March, 5% to 20% of Americans suffer headaches, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, the chills, and muscle or […]

Espiritu Santo For Your Next Vacation

About 4 miles off the coast of La Paz, Mexico sits a beautiful island in the Sea of Cortez called Espiritu Santo, or “holy spirit”. Espiritu Santo Island is a great trip to escape from the everyday routine. Not only is it the perfect place to clear your head and be in the moment, it’s one of my favorite […]

Huckleberry Friday

Finding restaurants in Los Angeles that use Farmer’s Market produce and high quality ingredients can be difficult. Luckily, there’s a great place in Santa Monica that serves fresh meals from local farmers that do not use pesticides or fertilizers. At Huckleberry Café, you will not be disappointed! Run by husband and wife duo Zoe Nathan and […]

The Power of Intention

Most of us go through life simply going through the motions–work, home, school, the occasional night out, and over and over again. But sometimes you stumble upon a motivational speaker like Dr. Wayne Dyer, who opens your heart, and helps you discover your true purpose in life. Dr. Dyer believes that the energy of intention […]

Protect Your Skin All Year Long

As our weather gets colder, and the day gets shorter, the last thing on our mind is to apply sunscreen to protect us from the harmful sun. Most people feel that sunscreen is akin to a summer accessory that simply isn’t necessary during the cloudier months. While it makes sense, this is not true. Ultraviolet rays […]

Burn Longer With Interval Training

Interval training is well known throughout the fitness industry, but what most people don’t realize is just how beneficial it really is. The training is different from spending hours at the gym, or running 5 miles a day, because of the sheer brevity of it. Interval training is the process of altering bouts of exertion with […]